The liberal catholic church

province of great britain and ireland

about the liberal Catholic church

The Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) came into existence as a result of the reorganisation, in 1916, of the Old Catholic Church in Great Britain. That Church derived its orders from the Old Catholic archiepiscopal see of Utrecht in Holland. The LCC has carefully preserved this succession of orders. Its first Presiding Bishop, James Ingall Wedgwood, was a mystic fired with a vision of a renewed Christianity liberated from authoritarianism and dogma. The LCC exists to forward Christ's work in the world; it is an independent and autonomous body, not dependent on Rome or any other see or authority outside its own administration. It is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. It is called 'Liberal Catholic' because its outlook is both liberal and catholic (universal). It is catholic because it reveres all that is authentic to the Christian tradition; and it is liberal in that it encourages people to think for themselves. Many Liberal Catholics follow a mystical path, acknowledging the Fatherhood of God, the Divinity of Mankind, the sacredness of all creation, the cyclic nature of life and the immortality of the human soul. For the Liberal Catholic, faith is inclusive rather than exclusive.


Clergy in the Liberal Catholic Church

The clergy of the Liberal Catholic Church make no claim to spiritual or temporal domination over those who adhere to its Rite. In common with the priesthood of other churches they hold Christ's commission to teach (Matt. 28: 18-20) but claim no authority over the individual conscience, stress being laid rather upon their function as ministers of the divine sacraments, stewards of the mysteries of God, ready to place themselves in all reasonable ways at the disposal of those who may ask their help. The Liberal Catholic Church neither forbids or enjoins the marriage of its clergy. It does, of course, expect that its clergy, as well as its members, will respect the sanctity of marriage vows, and show responsibility in their behaviour towards other people. The clergy of the Liberal Catholic Church are unpaid and usually retain secular occupations while devoting to the service of the Church other available time.

  Services at this Church

Unless otherwise stated, Services at the Liberal Catholic Church of St Alban are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.