The liberal catholic church

province of great britain and ireland

                       the Liberal Catholic church of st alban, letchwortH


The Liberal Catholic Church of St. Alban was the first church to be built in Letchworth (1923) and is situated at the junction of Meadow Way and Norton Way South. The church was consecrated in 1924

The Liberal Catholic Church is one of approximately thirty Catholic Churches in the world which are independent of Rome, such as the Greek Orthodox, Coptic, etc. It uses many elements of Catholic worship, but has no organisational connection with the Roman Catholic or Anglican churches.

Liberal Catholicism is a relatively small denomination that makes the Church of St. Alban an intriguing and rare institution.

Services of the Holy Eucharist held at 11.00am every month on the 2nd Sunday (Please see the list on the 'About' page.

All other Sundays there is a Service of Prime at 11.00am